just starting to get back

just to let everyone know;
I'm just starting to get back. Mardi Gras season had been like 18 to 20 hr days back to back to back. My wife got pnemonia, (she is on antibiotics and at home now), and we lost internet because during the crazyness i forgot to pay the bill. We get reconnected today.
Anyway. I still have a little recoperating, and nursing (for my wife) to do so it will still be a little while before i can get back to anyone. I'll talk to yall as soon as i can. Bye for now.



Oh I\'m so sorry to hear about your wife and your hectic days. I hope she is feeling better soon. It\'s hard to be happy go lucky when your loved one is sick.
Looking forward to hearing about Mardi Gras though, I hope you\'ll drop me a line about that : ) Take all the time you need. Conversely, I\'m pulling off some long days here as well trying to get projects done before reading week starts, so I may be slow in responding to anything too. So we\'re in the same boat there.

Hope all is well soon and that life settles down to a comfortable level for you and your family soon.

Take care,


see, it\'s the people who go around CARRYING viruses, but never get sick (you), because they GIVE the virus to sweet, innocent people (your wife), who need to S.M.A.C.K.E.D. i\'m sure she doesn\'t appreciate being sick!! thanks a lot Taz. sigh...


i\'m glad your Mardi Gras days are over, and i know your wife will be better sooner rather than later, because she\'s in good hands. she needs to build up her immune system...

i\'ve heard that eating week old onion rings can do just that. i\'m just saying...