Just Need To Catch a Break!!

I swear, this money problem is going to be the end of Joey and I.  Five years is gonna go swishing away into the cold!  We barely talk to each other, we are always fighting, I cringe when he touches me because I'm always mad at him it seems!  He's gotten mean, like he wants to take out his upsets in little jibes and insults.
We have two cars, our old beater, and the one we bought when life was WAY better.  The beater is better on gas, so we have kept it for Joey to take work.  Today it craps out on the way to work.  So he misses over three hours of work, money we really can't afford to lose, and the POS gets hauled home.  Now it's busted, and if we can't figure out what's wrong we can't even sell it!
And every year his company has a Christmas Layoff.  It starts Dec.20th, but due to the fact that they are already on semi lay off leads me to think that this lay off may be longer then the promised three weeks.  So he will get EI, but that's not near enough!
I'm having NO luck finding a job!  We are 500 short for bills this months, and next month it'll be like a 1000.  We may have to take out a loan to keep the house, but then that's another bill that will come monthly that we can't afford.  I'm so stresse out, I feel ill.  Christmas is coming and we have done our best to explain that gifts just won't be in our budget this year, the kids dont understand!
Heck, its -23 out and we keep the heat off and tons of clothes on just to save on our utilities! 



So sorry. Wish I had some words to make it all better. I worry about money as well and we\'re not in Ur situation but it\'s my focus..there are always more bills and less money...and more things we need..and things we want...I hope something happens for U..stay strong.
As for the hubby....well talk talk and talk...maybe that will help. Find something free that U can enjoy together...we have been through stuff and I resented my hubby so much I wold cringe when he touched me..it was the worst time in our lives...and it took a lot of work to fix that.