Just another not so good day.

Today is my youngest child's birthday. My daughter turned into a teenager today. I think the day turn out well for her but not so well for me and her dad. But thank goodness she didn't really notice. Me and my H have been avoiding one another all day. I don't want to give in and go up to him because I feel he was wrong so why should I run to him? He's got some major anger toward my 16 year old son. My son wrote me this long letter to me on how this A has affected him. He never said anything mean toward my H but he layed it all out how this has devastated him. I guess I never realized. What was I thinking when I let my H read the letter. But the other day the H got upset because he thought me and my son where taking behind his back so I didn't want him to think I was keeping secrets from him so I let him read it. So that turn out to be a big mistake because my H is nit picking about any thing he can to argue about my son. Example...Some one left the toothpaste at the kitchen sink and H gets pissed because my son came from the bathroom to the kitchen with only a towel on to brush his teeth. Says he shouldn't be running around half naked. God give me a break. So this turned into us being pissed off at each other all day ignoring one another. Still not speaking at 8:30pm. How could something so dumb even happen. Does he want to fight? It just makes it look like he is trying to find reasons to make it not work or else we wouldn't fight over something so petty. Of course that kicks my insecurity into overdrive. Is he thinking of the OW? Is that why he is acting so full of anger. I really don't know what I will think if he completely does not approach me tonight. My anxiety is in over drive because of today. Yesterday was almost perfect and it's funny how different today has been:(