Just Another Manic Monday

So, I get up at the crack of dawn on too little sleep, as usual.  I have an Arabic quiz that I'm not at all ready for, and it's neuter day for the pups!  We don't have enough gas to go around, so we are all going to carpool.  So, I stuff myself, three teenagers and two huge puppies into a Honda Accord to make the trip.  I drop off my son, swing by the vet (and by this stop I'm already laughing - you know that semi-hysterical, we barely made it here type laugh), then I drop off my daughter and her friend at the high school, park and walk to the bus stop, do not do great, but better than I expect on the quiz, walk 2 miles back to the car at 97 degrees and 90% humidity and find a voicemail from my son's asst. principal.  We all know how much I get along with him!!
I told the kids three times this morning that I needed to leave him a message explaining that I've been sick, have $2 to my name and the low fuel light on - that I wasn't intentionally skipping my son's last Saturday school, we just were unable to make it 30 miles to make it happen.  Sure enough, in the chaos, I forget to call - and was planning on doing so as soon as I got out of class.  Well, he took it upon himself to assign my son three days of in-school suspension out of the remaining 4 days!!!  So, yeah, by the time I get to the school, my blood pressure is high, I'm sweating buckets, red hot to the touch and shaking because I haven't eaten or even had any water all this time.  I just took my son out of there (he is supposed to go to the dentist) but I told the principal I was done, pretty sure that he wouldn't be coming back.
The principal's stand is that I should have called on Friday and they could have helped me.  How?  By giving my son a ride?  Or buying me some gas?  I don't know, but the truth is, I thought I would see one of my friends or family this weekend that would help out with the gas, which I did, but it just didn't happen until Sunday.  Had I known that this unusual occurence would happen and that this man who has been nothing but disrespectful to me would insure my son made it to and from Saturday school (for something I didn't agree with in the first place), perhaps I would have called on Friday.  Either way, they are not punishing my son for my lack of gas money!!!  Grrrrrrrr!!!!
I'm finally inside, trying to cool down (both literally and figuratively) and then I'm going to find some food and some water and hope to hell that I don't end up on the nightly news after all with this school my son attends!!!!



Oh - and I forgot to mention that as we are walking out the asst. principal said, \"I\'m used to that with her\" - grrr - that rates right up there with \"it\'s parents like you\"!!!