Just afigure of Speatch

Hi Fans. You &n otheres may know what I mean by saing I have been there done that & now & wear the T shirt. Or when I say in my mesages to you . I wear that T shirt too. For examplle  When I read peoples intro profiles & what they suffer from or have been through ect then I say it if & when it is rlevent. If I have nt been throug some ting tat some one on DS has then I may just say take care & mabe adda coment ect, For ant one who do not know what wearing the T shirt to some thing means' Then it is just a wa of saying I have suffered from & have been through that too. What ever it might be. It lets folk know I understand what they are going through or to apoint. Some times we have to experience things to know what they are like ect., It lets folk know tha they are not alone & some times it isgood to know that. It can help ect.. Imnot trying to say to any one. ((( SO WHAT?  I SUFFER THAT TOO )) Or ((SO WHAT?..  I HAVE BEENTHROUGH THAT TOO )).  Nor am I saying (( SO WAT?>> IM GOING THROUGH IT TOO )) Or (( SO WHAT?.. IM SUFERING FROM IT TOO )) NO!. In a polight way I may be saing it but not (( SO WHAT? )) as if to say  you get on with it then I dont care. I do care verry mutch so. I count my blessings & thank God that I do not go through or suffer from tings that some of you do ect. I just thougt Iwould say so & explain he meaning of wearing the T shir to some thing ect. Just because I dont go through some of what some oter folk do & suffer from it' It does not mean I will never do so. Who knows the future?. I hope & pray that I dont. Take real good care. Lots of hugs & love from me Graham.