Just a rant. Whos with me?!

It is both infuriating and disheartening to live in a world that is grossly negligent towards mental health awareness. Sometimes, being broken inside can be more painful than having a broken bone. Its easy to seek help when you're visibly hurting, but what about when the pain is festering inside of you? Why should anyone have to feel afraid of being mocked, not taken seriously, or brushed off? Why should anyone suffering any kind of mental illness have to feel invisible, embarrassed, or ashamed? Too many times have I  heard "poor soul, they must have really been troubled" after its already too late. It can't be too hard to understand the complexity of the human brain. The brain is in charge critical functions such as our own heartbeat. How can it be so hard to fathom that, when damaged, the sickness of the brain can not only cause mental torment, but physical manifestations that come along with it? "You're losing weight, how did you do it?!" Or "wow, you're looking kind of tired" are common misconceptions. Maybe I'm mentally exhausted from my panic attacks? It could be the mood swings, or my body dysmorphia that causes me to starve myself with the irrational hope of being skinny. If the brain is powerful enough to keep your heart beating, it is also capable of just as much negativity. I only wish people would end the mental health stigma and make everyone more aware of the fact that, were NOT, crazy. Were struggling just as much, less, or more than someone with a physical disease.