Just a Quick-Hit Aggravation Dump

This time I'm just going to do what the title suggests...today has been frustrating so far.  It started off well but hasn't gone the way that I've wanted.
This is the first day in probably a week and a half that I've really wanted to make some inroads on my self-study training.  But so far, I'm not getting much for clear shots at all...mother needed help with errands, my pet cockatiel needed attention (she loves her "flock" and gets peepy when she doesn't get it), and there just seem to be constant interruptions all around.
It just feels irritating.  Hopefully the afternoon will be better than this.
On a happier note, I wished my brother happy birthday this morning while he was en route to work.  He loves the $20 iTunes gift certificate I sent along with a card and says he'll get good mileage out of that with the bands he tends to follow.
It doesn't happen very often, but once in a while I get something right.  :)  Still wish I didn't have to take a wild guess for him, though (he didn't have any ideas).