Just a Brag About Marlow

I don't have many people I can brag to about Marlow.  Joey see's her accomplishments, my in laws dissect everything I say and turn it into 'she isn't developing right, take her to the doctors', my mom and I only get a chance to talk about once a week if less.  So I decided I'm going to brag about what Marlow can do on here!
She is getting waaay to mobile, I must say.  Nothing is safe from her!  She can get onto the kitchen chairs, then onto the kitchen table.  She can get out of her crib, though she has only done it twice.  She can get on the couches, she can get onto her dresser.  It's crazy beans!  I have to keep a closer eye on her now then I did when she first started crawling!
She talks like crazy.  She can say Papa, Gramma, Mama, Dad, Kongo, Bowzer, up, no, mouth, eyes, nose, toes, ears, duck, snow, book, drink, poop, get, sit, and her newest word is 'cazy'(crazy).  She also makes several animal sounds, like quack, woof, meow, an elephant noise we make with our lips, roar and moooo.  We are working on getting them matched up with the right animal.  She get's it right about forty percent of the time.  Plus, she can correctly identify her ears, nose, eyes, mouth, toes, fingers, chin and knees.  Though since we learned eyes she get's them mixed up with her nose, and on occasion she has trouble finding them on her own face but she can always find them on mine!  We are learning hair and tongue right now.
Marlow can go up and down stairs safely.  Down on her bum, up on her hands and knees.  I still get nervous on the down, but she hasn't fallen yet.
Plus, she know's how to clean up.  She listens when I say 'put it away' or 'can mommy have it'.  She helps me clean up and she actually does it well.  In fact, she makes sure all her books go on the same shelf, she makes sure all her blocks go together in one tub while all her other toys go into a different tub.  If we go to a store and someone leaves garbage on the floor she will pick it up and throw it out.  Or if a product has fallen off the shelf she will pick it up and put it back on.  We once went to Walmart while they were switching a display and she stayed and helped a worker put boxes of crackers up for almost fifteen minutes.  The worker just loved it and they had a blast.  I'm a little anal about where things go, not scaryily so, but I'm pretty picky, and I think Marlow got that.  Her toy kitchen, the one drawer is only for the cutlery, and the pots and pans only go in the stove, not the cupboards.  The plastic food goes in the baskets, no where else.  And she get's upset if things aren't where they should be.
We do have a problem with sharing.  And she has six older cousins who give her whatever she wants.  If they have a toy and she points to it they give it up.  I'm trying to get them not to do that, but they are so eager to make their baby cousin happy that they don't really listen.  It's hard to explain to them that even though it's okay to them, it's not helping in the long run.  But sharing has gotten better.  She will share the odd toy.
She's a good eater.  Not picky at all.  She's allergic to kiwi, and she doesn't like chicken or beef really.  But she eats every veggie and every fruit.  Plus, she eats all pasta's and she likes sauces and spices.  I'm lucky there.  She self feeds and she does pretty good.
We are working on potty training, and we have only really had one good sucess, but one is better then none right?  She is still young, and there is alot of time before she needs to be trained.  My goal is before she is 2, so that's not until late August.  I'm proud of her one time, even if it was a race to empty it before she played in it!
I think she is doing fine, I love every new thing that she learns, and I think having a toddler is like seeing the world through new eyes.  Things I have been taking for granted fascinate her so I see them differently now.  It sort of helps keep me smiling.