Journal Entry for 5/13/11

So I have a suggestion from a post I put up in a group to get and maintain a mood chart.  Today feels like a good day to hunt one down, especially after I woke up at 2am with absolutely no clue about how I was going to get back to sleep.
I guess I have two obstacles in my way with this:
1) I've been really bad at staying on anything, and in particular staying with projects that seem even remotely helpful.  I can't explain why other than an apparent lack of self-patience, because to me it's pretty clear that I really don't enjoy feeling down in the dumps practically every single day.
2) Fear, generally speaking.  I'm only taking one course over the summer, so the pressure is not going to be as great as it would have been, say, a few weeks ago.  But since this means I'm almost certainly looking at four courses this fall, am I actually going to be able to remember to do what works for me if I start to stress again come that time?  The way my confidence is sitting right now (not to mention the way I've been sleeping so far) I'm not so sure.
This feels more high-risk than I am comfortable with, but I know that if I don't find some answers, my dream of moving into a career I actually want will be on life support within months.  Hopefully the goal I set up last night will give me a target.