Itty Bitty Baby Steps...kinda

So I'm prepping now for my pharmacy tech certification exam on January 20th.  It's a lot of stuff to re-read.  I try to take breaks because it's a lot of material but it's not coming off too good so far.
About the best I've been able to do is start a game of Words with Friends with my sister.  It's a Scrabble-like app, basically.  I used to have it on my iPod Touch but was spending too much time with it as I have with so many other things.  Now it's back on said device, but with a condition: I let her know I'm only making a move a day, sometimes two.
She's okay with it, and since I have a bigger target in mind (that certification exam I speak of), I've been able to hold myself to that so far.  But up to now, it's all I can really do.  The fear of relapsing is too much.



Baby steps are totally awesome! That\'s how you\'ll get back to feeling comfortable around games and distractions! I think this is an awesome step, really...I know it might feel like it\'s so small that it\'s silly, but that\'s exactly what it takes. Happy for ya :)