Its about the joy

i had such a wonderful day.  woke early...the only drawback. dropped everyone off.  hubby and eldest daughter went 2 ny on camp trip.  2 youngest went 2 daycare.  i went 2 c my therapist and then got a mani & pedi.  my toes r orange.  my nails r growing nicely now that im taking my vitamins everyday.  after my nails dried i went 2 the movies.  i saw julie & julia.  i dosed off briefly.  nice story about finding the joy in life.  old couple still having sex.  young couple having sex.  i miss sex.  i miss couple passion.  it was sweet though.  i had lunch which was a strawberry daquiri and a chickien greek salad.  i went back home 2 chill b4 picking up kids.  i am so blessed.  its nice 2 have some non hubby drama day. my mind still does it, but i am learning 2 speak less.  Great day.  Great great day.  TGIF