It had to happen...

I just knew we would not get through one of our "family holidays" without an argument over something stupid. This time it was my sister herself. She waited until it was nearly ten o'clock to tell me I should have given the baby a bath while her daughter was cooking today. I asked - well why didn't you tell me then, early in the day. She said, in her usual self-righteous manner, I shouldn't have to tell you everything. So why tell me now when you want the baby to go to bed. I said I can do it now. She said, "oh no, we are not giving her a bath now. Do it in the morning."
What the hell is this "we" crap? I bathe the baby, dress her and comb her hair. She is only five and I do love her. The baby's mother, my sister's only child, is usually in her room with her boyfriend, lying down relaxing or watching tv or whatever they want to do. My sister is walking around giving orders.
I do so hope and pray for a new job in another state so that I can escape this living hell. Nothing I do is ever good enough. Strange thing, it never stopped them from accepting my money and gifts when I could give them. 
I have so many regrets in my life.