Is it too early to feel like a moron?

I went to see the doc and he thinks it is mussular in nature. translated, I pulled that big muscle that runs down the middle of your belly. he put me onĀ  600mg of anti-inflammatories 4 times a day for 3 weeks and told me to apply heat and do NOTHING but lay in bed. great, so Im in a new house and I have all kinds or organizing to do and thats not going to be easy. How come when someone tells you to relax and do nothing you find it almost impossible. The good news (so far , sorry I'm a skeptic) is that its not a big problem it will get better with time. I think I know how I did it too. My dog is older and doesnt want to use the back steps to go out and I have been taking her down the main steps and literally been pushing her 90 pound butt up them everynight after the walk at a left curve....dummy me. A few years ago I was off work cause I pulled a groin muscle putting her in the bath tub. You think I'd