Insurance called

I got a call from my insurance lady last evening and she just really ticked me off. I know it is her job to try to get me back to work and off medical benefits but I seem to be always repeating myself to her. Every time she calls she insists since my work is 'just' sitting and not strenuous then I should be able to work. I have told her every time she calls that sitting is my major problem, its on every medical information form my doctor has filled out and still she persists when this line of thinking. So explained to her once again that I can't sit, I can't stand for long periods either and rotating between sitting and standing and walking around the office will not work... I need to lay down every couple of hours to rest my back.
What sparked her call I think was the report from the spine specialist that I faxed to her yesterday. he reported that the herniation had shrunk considerably so she seems to think that I'm all better now. I wish it was so.
Then she got on this business about talking to my employer about going back with the option to work from home part of the time. I told her, as I told her last call, that my employer has no projects available that permit working from home. They are high confidentiality clients and laptops are not even allowed to be taken home in case of snow storms or anything. She still insisted I call and confirm if this is still the case. 
On the report the spine dr. also stated that the only additional treatment that could be done is a nerve block which I would need to arrange through my pm doc or pcp. Insurance lady asks if I've got this arranged yet and I had to repeat what I told her before that my pm doc mentioned it already and didn't recommend it for me. I had to promise I'd ask him again. 
It just pisses me off that I have to repeat everything that we already talked about. I feel like she's trying to catch me in a lie or something. I dread her calls so much, she's that bossy schoolteacher type and is very intimidating. I am not a strong personality when faced with someone like that. I will have to plan what to say to her next time she calls so I can remember the points I always think of after the call. Mind you there are things I'd like to say to her that I won't. Like she asked if I had considered other employment that would allow me to work from home. I told her I was not ready to give up my job with my employer just yet as I was hopeful to go back. What I didn't think of was the fact that the letter I received just a month ago stated that for the first two years of long term disability I need only be unable to work at my current job. After that I need to consider other employment. She can't force me to get another job even if I could do something else just yet. I would have to resign from my current job and that would be giving up alot for me, its a great job if I could just find a way to do it.
Ok I feel a little better now that I got that out of my system. 



Hi Lisa,
I had great improvement for a herniated disc with Botech therapy. It is non invasive and take no drugs. Just a simply kinda massage once a week really helped mine. Check it out. Eric

Thanks Eric I\'ll have to ask my pm doc about that when I see him next. (Biotech therapy going on my doc list now)