It is -4 c/ 24 F here this a.m. and there is frost everywhere. The leaves are falling and swirling like snow. Or at least I hope it’s leaves!! I doubt if much of my remaining flowers made it through this frost. Sigh.... have to wait for next year to see their lovely colors. Yesterday I woke up in a really good mood, did journals and other stuff and within 6 hours I went from fantastic to total funk... depressed, tears, anger... the whole enchilada!! Why?? I should be on top of the world I leave for the cruise in 5 days. As long as I have had this damn disorder, you’d think I’d have it all figured out. And usually I do very well and then it comes and bites me in the ass just to let me know who’s really in charge. Still down this a.m.. Thankfully I don’t have the boys today. But I do go to clean a lady’s house at noon.This is the second week there and I hope to heaven’s it’s not like last week. Looked lie a bomb blew up. I had to clear off every surface to be cleaned before I could clean...papers, wrappers, candy, toys etc. everywhere. I almost had to run to get through the cleaning and it took almost 4 hours. I was exhausted. I won’t be doing that again. If it takes longer at a reasonable pace then she’ll have to pay. If she doesn’t like the cost then she will either have to 1. Tidy up 2.give me a time limit of let’s say 3 hours and what I get done I get done or 3. Find somebody else. Oh, and then to top everything off, now I hope you don’t think I’m being petty, but when I met with her before I did the cleaning to go through the house we discussed a payment plan. I want to be paid every week in cash or cheque. We agreed that I would leave a note after my work on Monday sating the time and cost. She would put this in an envelope for me to pick up Tuesday morning. Then when I am cleaning on Monday the hubby approached me and said that they did not get paid until Wed. So would it be alright to leave the money on Thursday morning. I agreed. Anyway, when I picked up the money on Thursday it was short $5.00. They wrote that they did not have any small bills and would put it in this week. Well, I’m sorry but... they knew the cost on Monday and this is now Thursday!! Anyway, it just kinda ticked me off. So we will have to see how this job works out.Anyway, I’m going to close now and do a few things here if... I have the motivation. Please, say a little prayer for me that this funk goes as fast as it came. Debbie