im not sure....

if its a good idea that i let me ex stay here.  its nice having an adult here.  it gets lonely sometimes living in a house full of children. 
he does some things that annoy the hell out of me.  ive not lived with anyone else in many years so perhaps anyone staying with me would be annoying. 
when he goes to the bathroom he doesnt pick up the seat so he leaves drops of pee on the seat and he does this weird thing where he flushes while hes still peeing and then some urine is left in the toilet.  i have found it disgusting since we were married. ive been bringing it 2 his attn for years and he just found no need to change it.
hes helpful only in what he wants to be helpful in.  he wants to swiffer the floor.  i wont buy one b/c i know that ill never use it again.  he cld buy one, but he wont.  he keeps asking me if ill buy one. 
he leaves a mess sometimes and i have to ask him to clean it up.  in some ways its like having another child. 
he keeps sleeping on the sofa...i guess he has 2x since i asked him not to.  i told him to either sleep in a bed or leave. 
he still doesnt know where hes gonna go.  hes not paying the full support and he sometimes takes out large sums so that the support cant be taken...well idk, i assume thats y he takes out the large sums
other than the support he gives me nothing and thats not the full amount.  he will not change his behavior.  hes still spending his entire paycheck before the weekend is over.  Ridiculous.
I dont want him here 4ever....maybe 4 the summer....when i start the school schedule 4 myself and the kids itll prob b easier with him not here
hes not so good as following a schedule.  id be concerned that he may throw a wrench in my program and not just go along with it