Hi. I have been getting alot of random mesages sent to my ds in boxindicating that the sender wants to be more than friends with me. Most times the sender is not even on my friends list & we have never spoken. Apart from that My life has always been & still is one big complex night mairin many ways so inm not ready for some thing more than true friendship. Im not here to date any one or be dated. I would like my wishes to be respected & accepted. Its a diferent person who sends the mesages  each timeso i cant say stop it but I can request that people dont send any such mesages. Im here to mae true friends & help others to in what ever way i can plus with the help of my profile page using my past and present sad bad & other experiencies.I dont mean to ofend any one by saying this. Also the people sending the mesages are leaving their email addresses & asking me to reply so they can send me photoes. Its not a good idea or safe to be giving out email addresses on line. on any web site more so to strangers. Its not just becaus the people sending the mesages to me are strangers. THats not the only point. Im just not ready at all for more than just having good true friends. My life is not ready. its too complex to explain. Its not easy to conclude &  close this jurnal because of  what its about & hopw it might afect others let alone how it may afect me.