Im in St. Cloud Mn

Hello, it is me and It has been a long time since I written in my journal. I been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and I really don't know how to take this new info. Alot has happen since I last been here. I started talking to this girl and find out that she was fucking nuts. I was so desperate that I couldn't and ignore the signs. I went to a homeless shelter for 3 weeks and finally got on my own working at a job. No friends and know I been diagnosed with something new with my personality. This part of mn is so racist that it is riduclus> I know I have change and my disorder have taken a new evolution I suppose. To something new. Now I have truly on my own with no really connection. I have know better about that fucking bitch Veleria. She the one who put me in that damn shelter. For her children's sake I have try to get her homeless too. So I got to figure out my next move.