I saw many beautiful mushrooms in the forest today

When there aren't many big things going on to be grateful about I get right on down to the billions of little things to be grateful about in life.  It so helps to ease the pain, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  Went for a beautiful Fall walk today and breathed in the fresh, crisp, autumn leafy scent.  A hot tub is calling my name and I am going to respond positively to this call.
I should start a grateful about "gratitude" journal (Oprah mentioned this) but that seems like one more thing to add to days that I can barely get through as it is.  It is a balance I'm trying to find and maintain.  Type "A" all my life, now having difficulty getting through each day with all of the basic needs that have to get done and even then I mess up and forget to eat properly or rest adequately, grrrr .... 
Illness and instability have been my constant companions for about 3 years now.  Previous to that it was just "instability" all of my long life.  These are difficult times but I am a survivor and I will continue walking the path I have to walk in life to go back and gather all the pieces, torn and rent, to put beautiful me back together again. 
I am already learning how to recognize and present my "boundaries."  Great feeling knowing that I can do this and stick to them because I have "value" and wish to be respected for being me, not someone else's wished for creation in life. 
So far, all of you here on DS who have become my virtual friends have shared yourselves with me and given me support that I have never had in my life before.  For this I thank you and I wish to return support to each and every one of you if and when I can. 
I have wonderful moments of lucidity in amongst the insanity of my life and actually feel like an elder should, someone who has learned a lot about some or many things in life.  Can I help?  Within my time and energy limit, I will always try to be supportive and if possible make valid, insightful comments, at least I will do my best. 
Much love and support to "everyone" here on DS.  Together we can be strong and get through many challenges that would seem overwhelming or all-consuming without a little support.  



I have a pattern in my own life -- I start getting better in my head, and then my body breaks down. I have just started to link the two -- that there is part of me that doesn\'t want to be well, doesn\'t want to get better -- the frightened child inside I think (not saying this is your case, just really relate to the Type A personality thing).

The hardest thing to do every day in my life is to live in my body and pay attention to myself. Good for you for going for a walk and noticing the \"billions of little things\" -- so important for perspective! I find it very difficult to be grateful when I am in pain but the gratitude journal does help. Sending peace your way!

ye, gratitude for those billions of things is important. and a mention now and then is helpful to keep us on the positive track. hope your smiles through the day, do help to relieve the pain.

Thank you leeshann and spirit.

I am just getting over (i hope) an awful flu going away and returning. So difficult to tell the difference sometimes because of the fibro but there are some prominent group signals that say this is flu.

Wishing you the best of thoughts, hugs :)