I pledge allegiance......

Yesterday area news reporters got wind that one home in our area was doing something a little bit differently this Halloween.  The homeowner gave the trick or treaters a bit of a civics lesson.  When the costumed children came to her door she asked them some basic questions about our country's history and in particular she asked them to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
This was already common knowledge & met with approval by the area homeowner's neighbors.  The homeowner was awarding giant sized candy bars to those who answered correctly.    The children practiced correct answers to questions like who was the first president?  Where did the Pilgrims land? With special emphasis being placed on our beloved & time honored pledge. 
They showed small groups of costumed children reciting the pledge, standing tall on a moonlit night, with hands placed on their young hearts, as they said the words, "I pledge allegiance to the flag........words that I began learning at the age of five in Kindergarten in 1961 in small town USA. These earnest young faces, many of them in colorful greasepaint....one little guy in a huge mustache and eyepatch and a little girl sparkly in wings and a pink leotard with a frothy tutu waving her magic wand and so many of them missing their two front teeth........grinning from ear to ear.........I love kids.  I do, I can't help it, kids are the best.......
It did seem incongruous with Halloween and yet......and yet there was something very right about knowing that this young future generation of ours is learning about patriotic pride for this great land of ours.
Yes she sorted the ages.......no worries, she didn't deny any one a treat either.......but the GIANT BARS OF CHOCOLATE were definitely bonus merit badges for those who knew the answers to some basic questions about our country's history.
My favorite part?  She asked one young five year old boy if he could recite the pledge. He did a great job.  Then this bright & precocious child asked her a question, "So... who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance?"  The homeowner gulped and had to admit she didn't know.  The news reporter said that she too did not know and had to google it, the answer is Francis Bellamy. 
This morning I read a brief history of Francis Bellamy and learned interesting details about his background as well as the background of the words in our famous pledge. 
In the next short bye and bye I need to take the leftover candy somewhere.........as in somewhere not here!  The street just before me had a lot of small fry walking about, but on our stretch there didn't seem to be any bell ringers about.  Still when I got in, I turned the porch light on and moved the fall flowering pots and the big orange pumpkin on a stand into the spot light. 
I got one lone trick or treater.....awwwwwww.  He was a young teen.........dressed in western wear, cowboy hat, boots, shirt, boot cut jeans all covered in dust.......carrying a lasso --- wearing a modern back pack to capture serious treats.......and he was wearing one of those long black range coats.  Cowboys are classic......."great costume," I said, he grinned a sheepish kind of shy grin.......not all kids have left childhood for imaginary grown up cool.  It did my heart good to see that in this moment he was just able to be a kid......as he walked off he shouted "Happy Halloween Ma'am" and swung his hat up high in salute.......I laughed .......couldn't help it!  I thought about Norman Rockwell and wished for the millionth time that I could capture images drawing, it is not my talent.......but I still wish regularly.
So now I'm thinking about saving some of the mini candy bars for the freezer.  You take the frozen bars, toss them in a food processor and then fold them into your favorite brownie recipe for the ooey gooiest treats ever.  So that takes care of a little bit of leftover candy but the rest has got to go! 
The temps have already moved from 46 to 50 degrees while I've been typing............so it will be another cool clear brisk autumn day here.  The wind has calmed down to normal breezes.
Yesterday I had to laugh........the earth is sharing all it's stored up heat within the dirt & red Georgia clay......one more time before winter rides in.........there is a profusion of crimson roses in bloom everywhere.......bright yellow dandelions proudly facing the sun.......and a profusion of beautiful yellow forsythia having a final hurrah!  And some ragweed too........I ah   ahhhh chooed a lot yesterday and this morning too.  God Bless Our Every Sneeze!
I bought a used book yesterday, it is called "1,000 Places to See Before You Die."  Its' not meant to create gloom & doom........when I read the title I chuckled.  As much as I would like to do some traveling the thought of what it would take to go to 1,000 places --- all that it would take to do that from the packing to the travel to the cost to the hotels to the food to the walking to all of the all of it all...........made me realize that one great thing about being your own person is that we/I can still choose much of what defines the spirit of anything that can be & is in my life still.  I don't have to ACTUALLY see 1000 more places before Heaven's door...............I can satisfy my curious penchant for input/ for travel via my armchair and enjoy the lovely ambiance in my comfy cozy white cape cod ....... a lovely place to nest. There's no place like home......
On that note I am going to make some lovely hot tea and sit outside in my chair for a while.......asta la vista baby!  ..............xoxoxo.



Kudos to the person who gave candy and a civic\'s lesson.
I am going to be so happy when the election is over.
The 1000 place book sounds wonderful. I do my traveling by watching travel shows on TV.
Blendered candy bars,what an idea.

Love hearing about the civic lessons...good for her! We had about 80 kids and about half said \'thank you\'....manners are missing I tell ya! Some were so cute though, saying \'Thank You - have a Happy Halloween\'....good parenting there.

I\'ve heard about that book, share bits with us...I\'ve seen alot but not 1,000!

Do you know about google earth? If not, I\'ll teach you because you can see everything from your computer chair...next best thing to being THERE.

Asta la vista, baby.... I\'ll beeeee baaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!