I don't get it, as you could tell from the title. I don't get why Joey does the things he does. Why he is the way he is. I don't get why I'm still here, but I am, and I feel like I owe myself a the right of not letting my relationship go down without a fight. But I'm getting tired of fighting.

Last night a girl I just met not that long ago, I actually watch her daughter in the day while she works, invited me to a movie and a few drinks after. I told her I would, and then I told Joey I was going. No matter what. He could look after Marlow. I needed some time out. There were a few soft protests but nothing serious and away I went.

We ended up only going to a movie becuase the friend didn't feel well after so I was home by eleven.

Now, I'm not a neat freak, I don't wash my walls more then once every year...I don't clean my baseboards, ever, I don't dust until I can see the dust! lol. But I do like to see things in somewhat of an order. Joey knows that.

I come home and my house was a disastor. Supper dishes were still all over the table and counter. The counters were covered in crumbs and cheese smears. There was half of a bun on the floor. His sister and kids came and ate supper with him and she has a 2 and 3 year old. The living room toy bucket was empty and they were spread all over the upstairs. The books I keep on a shelf for reading were spread across the floor. There was garbage on the floor, couches, and stuffed in the cushions. I was mad. I got to go out and then I had to come home and clean for an hour??? While he what, watched TV?

So I started cleaning and he got mad at me. Told me if I just left it he would do it. I told him 'no, you wont do it, because you dont know what cleaning up after yourself is'. He got uppity and we fought. I ended up leaving the mess and sleeping in the spare room.

The spare room has a lock on the inside of the door. So I used it. I didn't want him coming in and spouting off all the things he knows I want to hear, because eventually, later then sooner now, I let myself be talked into believing him, even though I know it's not true.

He got really mad when he found the door locked. I don't know if he left last night or this morning before I got up. But he's gone. He left his phone here so I can't call or text him.

I'm so exhausted of him. I need to make this work for at least another month and a half. I'm in the middle of dental work that if I don't get it finished my teeth will have to ALL be yanked. And if we split I lose coverage and then I lose my teeth. It sounds selfish, and it is, but at this point that's the biggest reason I'm still here.

When I came out into the living room today he had 'cleaned' all right. He had piled half of the books into a pile in the middle of the floor. Left the rest of them spread around. The toys were mostly picked up. The garbage was still all over. The blanket I keep on the back of the couch was spread on the floor covering a pile of toys, books, and garbage.

I feel stupid. But I feel trapped too. Leaving sounds so easy, but it's soooo hard to do.



I know where you are coming from. I have been married for almost 3 years. My husband feels that all the house hold chores are a womans job. Even though I have a full time job and am pregnant. WTF. Do I not deserve some respect? I even put the trash by the front door for him to take out, has he done it yet? NO and that was Sunday. I am getting so tired of this. I think our main problem is that we have become too comfortable with them and are afraid of change, at least thats what I think my issue is. I know about the teeth thing. I am 25 and have a shit load of dental work done and I still have to get a partial. Do you guys have a joint CC? Maybe you can just charge it and pay it off later? thats what I ended up doing. That way i could just get it over with. I am so sorry that your still dealing with all this. I just pretty much dont let me hubby get to me anymore.