I have been told of this web site

Hi all. I have been sent a mesage about  a new web site where people who have gone through  many kinds of hell turn it into positive like i do on my profile page oeven on other web sites ecr and in real life by using the ehxperiences of it to help others. The name of the web site is My Container  www.mycontainer.com   www.mycontainer.org I M GIVING IT TWICE INCASE I GOT THE END BIT WRONG  LOL. I  thanked the person for sending it and have only  just joined it too. I feel it  should belinked up to be part of and word along side with this web site but also www.allaboutgod.net as people may need some spiritral suport ect too as from the web site that helps us to feel  wwe are human www.seemescotland.com   www.seeme.com  & www.mayfieldsalisbury.org  Take care god bless lots of hugs and love from me Graham.