I have a suspicion but not sure if this is true

Work forces me up in the morning and out of the house. It forces me to focus and complete work and socially interact with others.

I like the health it brings. When I come home from work, I slowly go from going about a routine of activities and chores to amorphousness and searching for short term things that just ocurr to me.

Eventually though the free time "I think" invites some negative feelings - like I start to get suspicious, I over eat, 

and basically start to get all abstract and depersonalized (if that makes sense.) I know I need to manage this stuff - 

and be responsible for it - but I have such a hard time keeping busy all the time, I need to rest as well. Maybe it's the way I look at it all that I can adjust.


Community LeaderSunCloudJD

I found a routine a good thing as well.... I often have trouble now getting up and getting going..... I hear you re the over eating.... I do that way to much now as a med side effect..... Munchies on steroids.....sigh

Big hug sweetie..... Deep breaths.....xo

Thanks JD!!

I dunno. . . Sounds like a pretty good balance to me. 8 hours of structured activity. 8 hours of fucking off. Any system needs fine tuning to keep it interesting, but sounds to me like you are managing nicely.