I give myself permission to fail/pass

I am learning new affirmations in my php program.  I am learning that it is okay to not be perfect.  If I can't get all of my homework done before Monday, at least attending class is a big start.  I am going to try to get the reading done of course, but if I don't the world will not end.  I emailed my profs to let them know that I am in the hospital, that I would be in class monday, and that I am behind on the readings.  My disability specialist was also going to email them.  So that should help. 
Aside from that, I have some pressing issues that aren't so good.  I really want to cut.  I'm very tempted to go to the store to pick up the stuff I need to do it.  I guess ultimately it will depend on how tonight goes.  My biggest problem is that it is supposed to get up to 77 degrees on Tuesday, and it will be hard to hide them with a sweatshirt.  We shall see.  I'm trying really hard to fight this urge and talk myself out of it. 
I think I'm going for pink hair again though.  Mostly cuz #1 it makes me happy, and #2, I just need to do something fun.