I read a book that made me look at life and myself in a whole new spectrum.... The book I read is called: SIDDHARTHA BY HERMANN HESSE This book has taught me to create a home within myself. I cherish this home I have made. I make sure that inside myself, my home, my sanctuary, no one can hurt me. I am so happy with myself on the inside that nothing external can hurt me. NOTHING. Everytime I am in a situation that makes me feel uncomfortable I tell myself in my head, "I am not out there, I am in HERE. I am in a place where I cannot be hurt and I am happy with myself knowing I have a place to be free!"  This book will teach you how to be centered with yourself and love yourself and your inner home. Since I have read this book I feel like everything in the world outside of me can NEVER sway me unless I let it. The key is to be happy inside. To be happy inside you must love yourself and be happy that you are the way you are, no matter what happened to you! You are not the one to blame for anything so why not love yourself?? I didnt love myself for a long time because I felt dirty about the things that happened to me in my life and I felt angry because all my life I was abandoned. Then I read this great book and realized, "Holy Cow! The reason why I am not recovering is because I hate the one thing that can help me get through it all, ME!" I am the only person that can help ME!  So I started being happy with me and learning about me so I can know what I need. I did some affirmations and I kept saying my favorite one, "My heart is KING and I crown it EVERYDAY!!!" I now feel loved, loved by MYSELF and that was what I needed to pull through. I love this book!!  I am updating some goals today: TRUST AND VALIDATE MYSELF because I trusted myself to read this book (I didnt think I was going to learn anything I just wanted some material to read. I actually second guessed this book a few times...) and when I did, I learned a great lesson. BECOME STRESS FREE because the biggest problem WAS not loving myself enough to fight these issues and feeling worthless because of them. Well no longer will I be stressed with my issues now that I know I can conquer them with a new found me, a stronger and loved me. CROWN MY HEART EVERYDAY because I learned a very valuable lesson, TO LOVE MYSELF ON THE INSIDE AND NOTHING WILL HURT YOU ON THE OUTSIDE! Please everyone pick this book up! It will definately change your perception of yourself and make you STRONGER!! Lets all be aware of ourselves and how to channel it to our benefit :)