I Feel Petty But I Need to Get This Out Somewhere....

So today, well, techincally yesterday now, was my 24th birthday.  Just another birthday right?  No big deal right? 
Growing up we were well, I mean WELL, below the poverty line.  We lived in our car for awhile.  But no matter what was going on, or where we lived, we were always treated like royalty on our birthdays.
My fiancees family doesn't even celebrate birthdays.
So it was a shock when we had our first clash over birthdays.  He explained why he thought they were no big thing, and I explained why they were everything.  How if it was your birthday you got to ride in the front seat of the car.  And you got to pick what shows were watched, what games were played. 
He tries...he does.  He takes me out for supper on my birthday's and he buys me a present.  But I can't seem to appreciate it like I know I should.  I feel petty and ungrateful and angry with myself.  I was not raised like this.  Growing up you were the king/queen of the day, but if you acted like a brat your reign ended.
Tonight I was going to prepare a nice dinner for us because he had not mentioned going out.  But when he got off work he said 'lets go where you want to go'.  So I started to think of where I wanted to eat.
His dad, in the meantime, stopped by because he had something for my mum and she wasn't home so he wanted to know what to do with it. 
Long story short, I know he was just being polite, but he invited his dad and mum and the grandson they raise out with us.  He didn't ask me.
My family couldn't afford to go out for supper...none of them are well off and I sort of wanted to go to a nicer restaraunt.  Joey's parents only like smorgs because they can eat their money's worth. 
But it was my birthday!! I know childish...
So I picked Montana's.  I figured it would be okay in price and the kids could draw all over the table cloth...can't go wrong.
Well....I ended up sitting alone at the end of the table with my daughter, no one even talked to me.  His mom did nothing but whine on and on about the prices.  She whined loud enough for anyone within ten feet to hear her.  She then proceeded to bitch about the food...which was fine.  She forced her grandson to eat all his food even though he was full and had done pretty good work of it because she was pissed they had to pay what they did for it.  She still thinks kids should eat for two bucks...the little boy is almost 8 by the way.
And then I took up a summer bootcamp to try and lose weight and get into shape.  It starts at 730pm.  So at about seven I told Joey we had to go.  Then his mother said 'oh, gonna eat and go huh?  I guess it's okay cuz it's your birthday right?'  His dad had payed for the bill when he had 'gone to the washroom'(oldest parent trick in the book I think!)  She knew that I had a class, and her dining experience was so terrible why would she want to sit around????
So I get home after the bootcamp, at about nine.  And Joey is upset about something or the other.  He's moody and snapped at me for nothing.  Then he goes to bed.
I know I'm an adult and birthday's are no longer about being a princess.  But why can't they be about me...even a little??  I'm just a little upset...and huffy.
On the plus side...for my gift...Joey bought me cirque de soliel tickets!