I feel Like I'm loosing my mind

I feel like my head is racing. I feel like that my mind is racing and I'm going out of my mind. Not talking to anybody is killing me. Maybe I'm going crazy. From getting kicked out of Ann's house and living in hotels  and going to a room from a nasty person that I'm renting from. I don't know what Minnesota is going to expect.  Am I loosing it. or I just don't have anybody to talk to. This divorce is killing me mentally. I never thought I was going to be divorce.  I think all people are looking at me. I feel that my sin are showing me. I don't know what to expect. Am I going crazy.  I just need some one to tell me that I'm okay.
I'm super over analyzing every thing. Maybe I'm in denial of how bad I got screw up by Mary.  Being isolated all day at the house and kicked out of my own house is maybe too much for me.