I don't want to leave my house...

I was going out nights in a row and whenever I spend a few days indoors I get antsy about leaving the house. Like said before, I'm in a blank state when I'm alone in my room with my music, games and TV . My moods still shift but mostly from blank to depressed and blank again.
Knowing I'm going out with my friends tonight makes me happy because I generally have fun with them but the triggers. I'm afraid of who will show up, who wont show up to the karaoke bar, what will be said or wont be said. I'm terrified of freaking out. A couple of my friends know what I'm going through and they try to limit my alcohol intake but it seems that it's the only thing close to making me feel comfortable about being away from home.
Singing is what I'm very good at. I take a lot of pride and seriousness into my singing. I feel so much better going to karaoke shows and bars with my friends and being that I'm sort of a "celebrity" at these places I mst keep up appearences going on a facade of sorts.
I don't want to leave my house but I don't want to stay cooped in alone. It would be different if i had some company here and we both could venture out alone so Id have some distraction.