I don't know why but I feel a bit blue today.

I don't know why but I feel a bit blue today. 
1.  The Letters of Administration should have it within two weeks.
2.  I am getting the laundry done finally
3.  Don is coming over for lunch today
4.  Dave sent in the forms for his work Christmas party at River Rock and we are going.
5.  I have to get my resumes out today
6.  Friday Sharon, Megan, Carol S., my daughter Lisa with her baby Tyson and myself are meeting at Richmond Centre White Spot for lunch.  Sharon has not seen Tyson yet and was miffed about it.  We set this up specially for her.
7.  Saturday Carol S. is having a jewelry party and I am also going to a Gospel Concert with Alla.  It should be an interesting day.  Dave said they are going to move the TV stand that Gary is giving me on Saturday morning as well.  Much is happening this Saturday.
I don't know why I am so blue.  Sometimes the mind wonders on all the screw ups you ever did when you where younger.  I am not that person any more.  Hopefully, I have matured and gained some sort of wisdom especially with all the things that I have gone thru in this life.  Losing Smokey was the worst thing I have ever gone thru so far.  One never knows, is there anything worst than losing the love of your life?  I figure things out by writing them down so don't mind me for rambline on so much.  I just wanted to figure out why I was so blue.  I am in the midst of my period so the hormones go crazy.  I am hoping these things will end soon.  It is a hit a miss when I get my periods anymore.  I am hoping one day and one year they will stop.  I am coming so close that when I get a period, I am actually very surprised.  Anyhow I was say till next I write from Diane Baillie and I hope everyone has a great day today.



well, I think \"hormones\" are the bane of every woman in the \"50-ish\" age category...my suggestion...eat more chocolate...lol....seriously though, I think we all have those days, when we are \"a bit blue\" for no apparent reason...hopefully it will pass soon....and tomorrow will be a brighter day.
Big Hugs! ~E~