I didn't know that I was considered... that type of victim.

I didn't know that I was considered a incest victim since it was my Step-father.
I read this today on a website that I hope will help me deal with my childhood abuse.
We define incest very broadly as a sexual encounter initiated by a family member or by an extended family member that damaged the child. By "extended family" we mean an aunt, uncle, inlaw, step-parent, cousin, friend of the family, teacher, coach, another child, clergy or anyone that that betrayed the child's trust.
 We believe we were affected by the abuse whether it occurred once or many times, since the damage is incurred immediately. 
Im shocked but, hope that this site and daily strength will help aide me in moving on.
In dealing with this pain, it feels as if we are pulling the scab off a wound that never healed properly, AND IT HURTS. However, it is easier to cry when we have friends who are not afraid of our tears. We CAN be comforted - that is why we are here. Our pain is no longer in vain. We will never forget, but we can, in time, end the regretting that accompanies destructive remembering. We can learn, One Day at a Time, that we are incest SURVIVORS, rather than incest victims. 



So glad you found the site. :-)
That is read at the beginning of each meeting and I think it has the same affect on each new person who hears it.
Don\'t ever be ashamed of your tears...for they are cleansing your soul.