I chose to open my heart to meeting someone. It was my own personal choice.

I chose to open my heart to meeting someone.  It was my personal choice.  I am a perfectly capable, happy, strong and intelligent woman who can live on her own.  I was getting to the point where I was alone but not lonely.  I was happy being by myself and my own person.  I had family and friends to do things with in my life.  I was happy with my life and had no complaint.
I decided I did not want to be alone anymore.
I decided it was time for me to open my heart to meeting someone.
I decided just to keep my eyes open to see what is out there.  My eyes were wide open when I met Dave.
My eyes are wide open now.  I can see clearly.  I am happy with my life and have no complaints.  Sure there is the on-going struggle in trying to find a part-time or full-time job and selling the car to pay off the car loan & to live.  Other than that God has blessed me richly and I am very happy at the moment. I am richly blessed with my Daily Strength friends like yourselves who care about me.  It is important.  I don't ever want to loose contact with you.  You have been one of my life savers.
God bless you all for caring so much for me from Diane Baillie



Im hoping the job market gets better for you, for the new year,.. its so hard everywhere,.. hope you 2 have a great new years eve,..
your friend, Dave