I am okay alone.

I am okay alone.  After dating Dave for 2 years, I realized I am better off alone.
I don't want to settle for just anyone.  The next man, if there is a next man, would have to be someone pretty special for me to go out on a date with him that is for sure.  Smokey set the bar high.
I want to get involved in activities that I enjoy, more involved with my friends and family members as well.  These things make me happy.  I want to be happy.  Before my first ill fated marriage, losing the love of my life and dating an unsuitable man, I realized I used to be happy and optimistic.  Life got in the way of things and sometimes I feel like a bitter old hag.  I don't know if I can do it but I want to get close to being the happy and optimistic woman that I once was in my twenties.  Actually, despite everything that has happened to me, I am happy.  I am working on the optimistic part   as life has beaten that out of me.  I am more of a realist.  I don't look through rose colored glasses.  I don't see the glass half full.  Life isn't a bowl of cherries.  I have a lot of lemons on my life and still.  How do I make lemondade out of what God has thrown to me or given me.  Where is that elusive job?  Where is that elusive ideal man for me?  As far as I am concerned they are out in outer space and I can't reach either of these things.  Why is it that some people pass through life easy breezy?  What do some of us get the other end of life?  Life seems so unfair to the good people on this planet.  Horrible people get good luck and is that fair?  No.  Good people seemed to get put through the wringer of life and that doesn't seem fair at all.  I don't blame    God for it.  We all have freedom to chose, make or break decisions and go in any direction we want whether it is for the good or for the bad.  God gets blames for a lot of things that is really our own choosing.  Of course there are things we did not chose like what family we were born to, how we look, our station in life etc.  Don't mind me as I am in the state of "life is not   fair" and "why me" and "why not me" etc.  You get the idea.
I hope you all are in better spirits than me.  Life has gotten me down that is for sure.  I am hoping for something positive to come my way for me and not anyone else.  All the best from Diane B.  Tomorrow is another day and I will be in another mood.  We shall see.  Good bye and God bless you all.