I am never ever getting into a boat again.

Dear Kitty,              Finally, the school internet is back up!              I had sailing today, and I managed to fall in twice. The water must have been about three degrees! Basically, what happened, is I tried to gibe, and fell in bcause I didn't know what I was doing. The water was freezing! Then, I got the boat back up, and, no sooner had I got back into the boat, it capsized again! It was ridiculous! And then I was too cold to put the boat back up, so I just hung onto the centreboard shivering. And then the rescue boat came along just as I'd given up with holding onto the boat and they managed to get me out of the water and took me back to the shore. But seriously! I've never been so cold before in my life (apart from maybe during hockey).              Still, I got back and we had our first meeting for Venus and Adonis, the opera that we're going to do this year. Josh, because a) he's good, b)it was his idea, c)he's good and d) he's good is playing Adonis! I'd quite like to be either Venus or Cupid! For our 'auditions' (which weren't actually auditions) we had to test our range (top Bb and could have gone higher! Woohoo!) and then sing 'happy birthday' to Derek (who is also directing it)! Even though it wasn't his birthday. But I probably won't be Venus; I'm nowhere near good enough!              I can't wait for the heating to come on; the house is like Iceland at the moment! I can't even play the piano properly because my fingers are so cold!              Oh, I've also got the Confirmation Away Day on Friday (yay, but I'm missing double Drama...damn) and then the Alton Towers trip on Sunday! So the week is action-packed! And then, next Tuesday, I've got a masterclass with the second violinist of the Chiligirian Quartet (I think that's how you spell it)! So, fun, fun, fun (I love Brahms)!              I'd better go and do some German prep now (if I can actually find out what it is).Tchuss!Lots of love,MexxxxxxxxxxxP.S. Almost three days...but still quite want to.