This is in Bermuda. Michael has stopped to smell the roses/flowers along the way. That’s what I need to do right now, slow down and smell the roses. The weather here has been so... strange this week. I had the boys for two days due to storm closures: snow, ice, slippery roads. The temps were like 5 degrees*F. Then yesterday, I still can’t believe this they went up to 66*F, almost a summer day. Now it was rainy and slightly windy but what I switch!! We have had an enormous amount of high winds lately. My poor outdoor decorations keep losing their bows.Well, we had a first yesterday. We have lived in this house for almost fourteen years. Our house is situated at a T intersection, with the road coming directly toward our front lawn. Well, I went out yesterday and half of the front fence is smashed to pieces. I assumed that it was some punks that had kicked it to pieces. When Michael came home I showed him. He said it was not there at 5a.m. when he took out the garbage but it was there at 8:30 when I took the boys to school. Then Michael had a closer look and there were tire tracks on the lawn. Obviously, in the early morning slippery conditions, someone was unable to stop at the intersection and slid right on through to our yard. Now, I can understand how easy this can happen so I’m not pissed about that. BUT... my car was in the drive way and I was up and no one bothered to tell me that they had landed in my front yard. This really tics me off. Typical of a lot of people these days, they don’t take responsibility for anything. Michael went out this a.m. and hobbled it back together enough to get us through the winter. Yesterday, I was suppose to go to my second hair appointment, I had cancelled the day before, I had to cancel again. I just could not face going out anymore than I had to. Plus, I had told the lady that I would clean for her and I cancelled that too. This is how I know I am not getting better... I usually force myself to go out and to meet my commitment but I just can’t right now!! So I do what is best for me.. Relieve the stress by not going. This is a fine line to walk.. I don’t want to get into the reclusive stage, that is really a hard habit to break!! Anyway, I am no worse so that’s a plus, right?Before I close I would like to thank all of my ds friends for your support, hugs and kind words during this rough patch I’m having. You do make a difference in my life. Debbie