How is everyone? I haven't been here for awhile.

I have not been on here for a long while.  How is everyone doing?  I guess I have not had to need to vent out anything.  I gave up on the dating scene.  If someone comes into my life, great.  If no one comes into my life, great.  Either way its okay.  Some things are worth waiting for in this life that is for sure.  
Nothing has changed with me except for my view and attitude about my own life.  I am working on the things that I can change and have wisdom to know that there are things that I cannot change.  Everything is in God's hands.  My life is unfolding as it should.  It seems it was a slippery slope when I lost my job and then lost my husband.  I am climbing back up to the top ever so slowly.  It may not have been the path that I would have chosen for myself but it is the path that I am on right now.  Where I am right now is where I am supposed to be.  I want to be the best possible me that I can be.  
I am having a great Sunday.  I went to the Fraserview Mennonite Church with my friend Carol S. My mom was raised Mennonite and raised us Mennonite.  As an adult, I have attended other churches and go to two other evangelical churches myself.  It doesn't matter about the denomination.  We had lunch at the Kingswood Pub.  We visited a friend who has liver cancer.  We visited another friend who has short term memory loss and a leg that was amputated.  We came back to my place for good converation, played Sorry and Rummy.  It was fun.  Tonight I am going to a potluck dinner with my older brother at a Pentecostal Church in Richmond.  I am nervous about that one so we shall see how that turns out.
I  am having a great Sunday so far.  I hope nothing changes.   I wish everyone a great Sunday as well from DB



Diane, you have such a good attitude. I feel the same way about dating. I do miss having someone special in my life. It\'s hard sometimes. The other day I realized that this is the first time in my adult life that there is no one. I was one of those women who always had a boyfriend. Still, I\'m single by choice. I know that the moral standards I\'ll take to my grave would never be accepted in the 21st century.

Hope you have fun at the dinner.

Hi Diane, Maybe we can get together again for a chat? I had my haircut really short last week and the next day got a new tattoo! March was very tough for me as it was the 3 year mark so I have determined that April will be better. One day at a time eh? Hugs, Wendy I will email you my tattoo.
Community LeaderShrn

Hi, glad to hear you\'re doing good with the cards you\'ve been dealt. Certainly was a life changing event and the most painful I\'ve ever lived through. We won against the enemy and live to tell our story. Sharon