How is everyone doing after 3 years of your loss? Let me know.

How is everyone doing after 3 years of the loss of your loved one?
I would really and truly love to know.
Maybe its because I dated Dave after nine months and broke up with him after 2 years but I am still feeling the loss of my True Love Smokey (Alan).  Life sucks without him.  We were supposed to share our lives together for the good and bad.  What happened? He died.  Whom am I going to share my life with now.  I don't want to be alone.  I want someone to share my life with.  I chose to have someone share my life with but its hard.  I have my family and friends which is wonderful but I have that need for my own unique man to share the rest of my life if he exists.  I have to wonder.  They say finding your true love is one in a million.  Smokey was my true love.  Does that mean I won't find another?  I am have been thinking about it and now I am asking it and writing it down on paper.  I am interested on other people's opinion about it.  I will make up my own mind which I always do.  Nothing is written in stone nor poured out in concrete.  Things can change.  I can always have a change of heart or view point.  We are human beings after all.  We have the right to change our minds, opinions or view points.
My grandson is sleeping so a have a few minutes to write these things down.
Diane B.



I\'m nearing the three year mark as my husband transitioned in March. I don\'t anticipate feeling better about my status. It\'s just plain hard being a widow. I\'d like someone special in my life. But I\'m not expecting anyone who will measure up to the high bar my husband sat. Therefore, I\'m building a new life, one in which I\'ll be alone, but not lonely. There is a difference. I\'ve joined a few clubs so that I can get out and go to movies and travel a little. I\'ve joined a church where hopefully I can make new friends. Once I retire, I\'ll like to volunteer somewhere.

I\'m basically modeling myself after my great-aunt. Widowed in her sixties, she traveled the world and became very involved in a charitable organization. She used to send me her schedule on a calendar so that I\'d know where she was. I\'d get cards from Israel and a month later from France. She lived a fantastic life, finally passing when she was nearly 100.

So, here I am now. I find when you\'re struggling trying to figure out your life, look to someone who has already done it. Therefore, I have my aunt, but also a book written by a 107 year old woman.

Take care.

For me I love the model of my maternal grandma who married again in her 80s. You have a good role model and goals that you are setting for yourself. I know you are right. I have been thinking the same things for myself. All the best from Diane B.