How did any of you celebrate the 1 year anniversary?

I would like to know how any of you celebrated the one year anniversary of the death of your spouse, partner or significant other?  I don't know what to do for Smokey's one year anniversary of his leaving this planet.  I did not get a head stone for him yet as I am waiting to settle the estate.  It should be done in a few weeks.  I tossed his ashes off at Garry Point in Steveston, BC.  I was thinking of going back there with a friend or family member and say a few words.  Smokey was a very humble man and never thought highly of himself.  He would not want anything at all most likely but I want to remember the love of my life and my soul mate.  I don't feel sad anymore.  I miss Smokey 100%.  The way Smokey looked at me with so much love in his eyes for me is what I miss.  God blessed me with the great love of my life in Smokey.  If any of you want to share how you marked or celebrated the one year anniversary, I would love to know.  I am all ears.
Dave and I have only been dating just over two months.  It has a potential of being something good so we shall see and are taking it one day at a time.
All the best and I hope each and everyone of you has a great day today from
Diane Baillie



Diane, I have scattered some of Buddy\'s ashes is several places that he requested but the remainder were buried and have a headstone as you all here have seen pictures of. I went there yesterday and left a rose and stayed for about an hour and played all his favorite songs....Bob Dylan, Tom Rush, I Dream a Dream from Les Mes, Theme song from Forrest Gump...he loved these songs and I thought he would enjoy hearing them..I was alone and it was quite and peaceful and we had that special time together..hugs Ellen