horrible day

my portflio for ryerson university was due today and against all odds i got it in and completed with only 30 min to spare before the deadline. i dont feel releived though, i feel as though i'm missing a very important part or something, but i'm sure it was perfect i checked it like a thousand times. i'm happy because now i have so much more free time, i can spend dome more time here and write poetry and paint as i please. something horrible happened today. my arents and i went for dinner downtown, and when we got back to our car, the back window was smashed in and my $1400.00 laptop was stolen from under the back seat. it's winter here, which means it's bloody cold as hell, and driving without a window surrounded by glass was numbing. i had slept only 2 hours last night and i'm so tired, it's been a really long night and all i want now is to sleep. this weekend, i'm going to have to start shopping for a new laptop. school starts again tomorrow so i'm off.