Home for the Holiday

My brother, mom and uncle are all here for thanksgiving. Last night my bother and I went to dinner with my dad and his wife, it was interesting the conversation was only between the three Targos boys. My step brother and step mother simply chimed in only once and then they become silent. Chi was trying to force us out of the restaurant by putting her coat on and shoving the bill back to the waitress. Once we got home (a block away form the house) dad wanted to go out but luke said that he was too tired to go out and see the dueling pianos. That would have been really fun and we would have been able to spend some more time with my brother and my dad. 
I am really looking forward to having thanksgiving diner and everything. I need to take advantage of this time with family. Eat and drink well and take lots of pictures. Photos and cards make me think twice about things like suicide and deep depression. It's still early in the day and the turkey still needs to be somewhat defrosted, so dinner will be around 7ish.
It's nice to have thanksgiving on a Thursday because that means I have until Tuesday to complete some of my homework and keep eating and drinking after the main festivities are over. I love the holidays because I love my family and I feel like it's a real home again. Now that it is just family it seems ok to take out family photos and home videos. I think that it is sad that I can't talk about my mom or have photos of her with Chi present. How ridiculous. I don't want to think about these negative thoughts. I am going to start celebrating for thanksgiving. I hope we all have wonderful thanksgivings!
Goodnight moon.