Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

Wow, I like vacation, but I am sort of glad to be home FINALLY! Our week was long and fun, and long, and tiring, and long and stressful. Did I mention it was long?
First off, turned out Marlow would not sleep anywhere but in bed with us....so holiday friskiness? I think not. lol. Joey was a little furusterated, but we survived. But Marlow is a kicker, and a puncher, and a mover....she actually sleep walks.
We got there Sunday night, and Joey's sister was out, so we took Marlow to a play place in the city. She played her little heart out, then my SIL messaged us to tell us she was to pick up thier aunt at the airport but got tied up at work, could we do it? Sure, but the airport is MADNESS! The flight was delayed, there was no parking that wasn't going to cost a kidney, Marlow thankfully ended up passing out, and the plane was late. So we get her picked up, dropped off, and at my SIL's place. But late nap, means late bedtime. Ugh.
Monday she got up at 6am because, well, I don't know why lol. At home it was 10am up time, on vacation it's stupid oclock wake up time. We took her to the Tyrell Dinosaur Museum. Cool stuff. Basically as it says. It was an hour and a half drive there and back. Marlow was basically good.
Tuesday we hit up the Zoo. Not so well behaved. She hates the stroller, and she hates being told where to walk. So it's either screaming in the stroller, chasing down in crowds, or trying to distract her while she sits in the stroller. We had minimal success with any of it. But she did like some of the stuff at the zoo.
Wednesday rained. So we hung out at my SIL's. Went shopping for a bit. Just lazed around.
Thursday was sweltering. So we took Marlow to a splash park in the middle of the city. Lot's of kids to play with, tons of different cultures, which we try to expose her too. We spent almost 8 hours there! Went for lunch at a nearby restaraunt, played more.
Friday we took her to Callaway Amusment Park. Turns out with her, the faster and spinnier the ride, the better. She wasn't tall enough for alot of things, she's not even two yet. But her two favorite rides were this airplane that takes you high, then whips you in circles, and this other ride wehre you sat in a cage and it went in a circle, rising and dipping the whole time. While on the carousel she told her horsey to go faster!
Saturday we went to the Calgary Stamepe. Barney the dinosaur put on a free show. So we watched that and walked around a bit. Let her play some simple midway games and she won some stuffies.
Sunday...well...shopping! And we stopped to visit my sister. Then came home.
Phew....time to unwind. Tomorrow is back to work. Yaaaaay.