Holy Cow!

Well, I got my answer quicker than I figured I would. I was STRESSED! yesterday and last night I was restless so I picked up the last book I ordered ("Why am I still depressed?" by Jim Phelps M.D.) that I got to study up on grieving and depression; and continued to read it today, and guess what?! Just the information I needed to get past my "stressed" mood. Plus, by reading it, I took my fish oil vitamin, some "Bone up" (no pun intended, it's for stronger skeletal bones) for calcium and vitamin C, and some Theramine 100 to increase my serotonin. Amazing explanations in the book that helps re-view my past, and some of my behaviors: dropping out of school, divorcing my first wife, leaving my current wife for a while, crazy mood swings; mostly all the crap I've dealt with the last 50 years or so. No big deal; unless you consider clarity a big deal.
Awareness of the problem is enough for now. I don't feel like I need lithium; and I do know enough now to stay away from antidepressants. I'm cool for tonight. I know why I drank so much, I understand why some nights I can't sleep, and why sometimes I'm really talkative and others not, and I know why when I did leave my first wife it was because I told myself she'd be better-off without me. Lots of stuff. Maybe my career problems too, I haven't thought about it yet. I do know I have had some pretty affective mood swings, and therein lies the problem; except now I can expect the feelings, and know they will subside, and that I can control them. I may try to get some drugs, I haven't really decided whether it's worth experimenting with yet. I my choose to investigate just out of curiosity to see if it really does make a difference. I'll see.
That's all. Simple. Just lucky to find the right book, right? Or was it because I asked (prayed) for it to appear? Spooky....