holidays indeed

Biomom calls me up raising cain because biodad told her, He  is getting gd for all the holidays. She insists she is getting kids for ALL holidays. I told her to stop talking to people that upset her.I am very  bad. I just think it's funny.I think it’s amusing because I MAKE THAT DECISION, NOT THOSE 2 BIOS.Why is it they think I am a babysitter who will automatically cater to their whims and declarations? I have been easy to get along with, and so far everyone has gotten whatever visitation they have asked for, that’s why.Newsflash: I will have the kids on holidays. They are welcome to visit, and share the holidays, unless I feel like respite during part of the holiday. Halloween? I am taking my grands trick or treating, anyone wants to come along and play nice is welcome to join us. Thanksgiving? She’s not even 1yo yet, her parents can share her that day too, unless we go on vacation, I did take that week off.Her birthday in December? My plans will trump everyone else’s. It’s on a Friday, so I’ll have her after work for cake and ice cream. Bios can see gd Christmas morning, but she’s staying put until after presents are opened, get over it. Perhaps he can have her Christmas night. Christmas Eve she will be in her bed, waiting to share Christmas morning with her brother. I will probably let her mom spend the night, if she can behave herself.GET OVER IT BIOS. We do the work, we finance the vast majority of these kids’ needs, we stepped up and made a stable home for these children, we get to decide.