High and lowwwww

In the cold light of morning, my thoughts bath me in their shadows. I am confused, I don't sleep well, I don't know when these up and downs of emotions are going to stop plaguing me. I really don't know what's going on in my head. I feel weak, pathetic. I run to the nearest pair of arms that would hold me but then I know its not real so I go back to my cocoon. When did I become this person?? I used to be able to bounce right back to a state of ok. Is it because of her lingering presence?
I'm not even sure if my friends can help me anymore, they have their own lives and I feel like I am impeding on them with my issues.
Geraldine you need to stop lingering in the pain.....STOP IT. 
My heart is literally being crushed, I don't know because of stress or what??



This is called \'grief\' with a nice, cold side dish of being in the presence of your X Lover every day at work, ..my Sister. Nobody can help you, because grief and acknowledging the bitter truth is a Process. And sometimes that process takes weeks, months...and in some cases, unfortunately years.

Take a deep breath. Continue on within this indepth insightful place and come to grips with the reality of it all. Be gentle and slow with yourself; and have faith that like everything else in life.. nothing remains the same and this too will soon pass. (hug)

@terilyn . *sigh* yeah I think I\'m more afraid now that I might lose some close friends along the way because Im the sort that needs to vent my issues as a way of dealing with the pain. Am seriously considering therapy so I can pay someone to listen to me vent instead of losing more people I love. Well technically not losing, I just don\'t want to be the killjoy in a party.

I am trying to do things that takes me away from this misery tho. Exercising has been a huge push for me. :)