Here a smoker, there a smoker, everywhere a smoker!

Geez, is it just me or are they everywhere?  Outside of Walgreens, outside of Jewel, walking down the street, in the car next to me.....all are smoking!  Kind of driving me nuts at times.  Other times I feel that it used to be me standing outside of the store, or smoking in my car. I do hope this will fade.  I hope it's just like when I got my car.  I noticed every car like mine on the road at first, but now I don't even look for a car like mine.  In fact, my car is so old, I guess I would be shocked to see one like mine.
7 days smoke free - it actually used to be a dream.  I said at the beginning that if I made it past day 4 it would be a breeze.  Boy was I wrong! I can't say that it is the physical side that is bothering me, but it is more mental than anything.  The truth is I have depression.  I have had it for a long time, and I cannot control it.  So I think at times, when the depression kicks in, I then lose my will to not smoke.  I bargain a little about it in my mind, but just like with the alcoholism and not drinking, I made a promise to myself and I don't break those promises.  In fact I don't break any promises that I make.  My boys know this all too well.  I always follow through. Talk about pressure!  So just like the depression commercials show - I need to wind myself up and just get back to the positive thinking.  I've read quite a lot of the book so far, and I will be getting to the good part tomorrow.  I need it to be a bit quieter for me to really have this stuff sink in so I will wait until the kids are in school and the hubby is at work. 



Woo Hoo!! Congrats on one whole week!!! High five girlfriend!! It is funny you mentioned the new car and seeing it everywhere because I was going to write that as I was reading the begining of your journal and you said it!! So there, it is true! And best thing is it is NORMAL!!! Everything we go through while quitting seems so \"Ab\"normal, yet they are all \"normal\" normal! Anyway, I have your back! you are 4 days behind me, so I can tell you what to expect next LOL!!! Seriously, I am here for you! Quitting is NOT for whimps thats for sure!!! And we sure can NOT do it alone!!
Peace and Love,