So my son has been sick all week. Finally decided he needed a dr and took him yesterday. Turns out he has a sinus infection with  bit of pertussis. I guess that is his cough. We get in the car to leave and it wont start. I immediately  am distraught and call my dad for help. Please come jump the battery or just do something! I cant call Scott anymore!! Well in waiting for my dad to come rescue me my 7 year old son says " mom, do you suppose the car has to be in park for it to start?" Me with shock on my face " yes, it does" I answer. So I proceed to put the car in park and sure enough the car starts. It had been sitting in the drive position for 1 hour while we were in the dr office! WTH!! I cant even remember to put the car in park! I have no business wandering around town for fear I wont remember what, where or who I am!! Especially with my son with me!! When does this " widows brain " end! I realize its only been 6 weeks. But I am so frustrated!