Healthy eating

Decided I'd start a goal to eat healthily for one week. I've been trying to do this for MONTHS AND MONTHS. And I know that I am not overweight.. however, I do have a belly that I'd love to tone down and maybe lose a bit of the love handles. Also, I love jogging and keeping fit and I find the more rubbish I've been eating obviously the worse I feel and its weighing me down when it comes to doing my fitness. I HAVE to do this. For me. I really want to do it. I always say this week will be different, but it never is! I just can't resist some of the food at times. But when I do my run every time I struggle I tell myself I'll always think back to this and that way I won't eat any more crap. Fair enough its alright to eat some junk food, but point is I eat it every day. And maybe its not as bad as lots of other people, it is bad for me and I'm just not benefitting from it.So, I'm going to start from tomorrow! No more junk foods for one week! And I'm going to see how I feel at the end of that week. Wonder if I'll lose any pounds at all, or maybe just perhaps it will lift my mood a bit aswell. Time will tell. I look forward to it =)