Heads up this journal entry is a little random...

We have a new housemate here at the house and she is mighty limited and mighty sick.
I have no idea what she would do without her family yet she is so abusive to them.
The new element in the house has got me all moody too.
I am glad though I noticed 'it' and I feel ok now and am able to keep it objectified to an extent.
I just have realized something about illness....a metaphor comes to mind. I think being mentally ill
is a lot like loosing a limb (I would think) except it's your mind. You need to get
used to something not working that works effortlessly for others. You need to get used to it
deal with the remorse of it, the stressors and the intermittent functionality et al....
That kind of view, for now has got me "working" well and not going into moods just dealing with it.
I feel ok but at work one of my coworkers noticed I was not
as sharp at work. So I told her that I have been pretty moody and she was compassionate.  That was nice.
Though because I am not being so sharp at work I feel a bit like I am loosing some dignity, I can't explain it, but maybe I am loosing some pride and just becoming more humble towards my day in and day out. I think I need to just be patient...keep calm and carry on .. eh?