head hurts

ok so today is not a great day.
they wouldnt let us go see  my cousins grandma
the doctors over there are assholes
so yesterday i was talking to my 10 yr old lil cousin diego and we started talking about people
who are gay and he was being so harsh. it made me sad that even the lil ones that are innocent
arent really they get so brainwashed. i was so hurt. he's 10 and says he would never be friends
with a gay boy. ugh its so frustrating knowing that my lil cousin doesnt except my sexuality.
anyways my head really hurts. i dont even want to be here. anyday now i will be gone for
good.  well hopefully. i hatemylife . my cousins are coming on monday to san diego and we
are hanging out all week. i should be excited but im not. eh well im gone so peace