he keeps asking me for money

i told him that i dont feel comfortable when he asks me for money.  i ask y does he ask me.  he doesnt wanna b with me...he cld have had me as his partner.  he didnt want that so u cant have parts of that without being with me...i mean come on.  so he agrees that he wont ask me for money.  we had that conversation yesterday.  and he was asking me for money today.  he was buying things for our daughter....i was cool with that...then he asked me to buy something for him. 
im giving him a place to stay and food...and now hes got his hand in my pocket too?  wtf?  i absolutely dont get the feeling of entitlement and it really hurts me that hes trying to take advantage of me...truthfully hes taking advantage with me. 
who asks to stay with someone..their stbx whom they do not want to be with after getting evicted.  y is that the person u call?  hes definately taking advantage.... i didnt want him sleeping in his car, but perhaps im just prolonging it....putting off the inevitable.  when i do ask him to leave is he gonna sleep in his car then?