:D hehe, you probally can't see this but i'm using this color because we have thee best weather ever today!!! I got to write a song in music and then in social studies i got to draw :D:D:D:DI am in such a good mood today! :D:D... I have alot of good news!! My birthday party is in 16 days! My birthday is in 19 days!!!! :D:D:D:DSWEET SIXTEEN, BRING IT ON :D:D:D :P:P I am in such a good mood! :D BROOKE WHITE IS SAFE FOR ANOTHER WEEK!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DI was litirally PRAYING that she would be safe and she was!!! :D:D:DYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! .....And the best for last............               No Purging for 6 days!! :O Can you believe it?!?!!! I did binge a couple of times but then someone always came home and i couldn't purge :( Oh well.. Maybe that's a good thing?!I have another appointment on the 23 April with Trina (the public health nurse)  Gotta go, Catch up with you all later <3 :D:D:D :P:P:P                                                   -Perfection                                   P.S: It's too bad that the mood rater can't go happier than Excellent!! :P